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    “A real code, and real CPR is nothing like television or movies would have you believe. Its not a sexy doctor dramatically pounding his fist against a patients chest and yelling “Live Goddam it!” while a monotone flatline sounds from a monitor in the background and nurses somehow weep and swoon simultaneously. A real code is actually far worse; it is a violent, cold a cruel scene. Chest compressions have to be deep, hard and fast. All sex jokes aside, it is a physically demanding action usually resulting in broken ribs and internal organ damage. Large bore IV access is a necessity for the massive doses of epinephrine, lidocaine, and other potentially toxic medications that ironically if they weren’t capable of restarting a heart, they would surely stop it.

    Successful resuscitation is not commonplace. What typically happens is a temporary restoration of vital signs that last hours, maybe days at best. In elderly or seriously ill patients, we often wonder if it is worth causing all the physical trauma a code entails. But if a person can be saved, and wants to be saved, who are we to decide their fate?” -Kelsey David Burnham Slow Code.


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In the somewhat distorted world of healthcare, the word “Normal” can take on a complex range of perspectives. For a patient, things like being stuck with needles, peeing into a bag, and even being ‘felt up’ by strangers can evolve into a certain level of normalcy. On the other side of that coin of course is the staff. A small army of educated professionals who have somehow convinced themselves that sticking people with needles, carrying a urine sample, or touching a strangers genitals in a well-lit room are as routine as a morning cup of coffee. As the great Austrian Psychiatrist Afred Adler once said, “The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.”

-Kelsey David Burnham


Negativity: Why It’s So Easy Getting Sucked Under and How to Stay Afloat

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Ever find yourself trying to focus your life on being more positive yet notice you are, yet again, complaining to your coworker about how slow the drive-thru line was this morning or critiquing how your chicken dinner last night was tasteless and dry? How about trying to meditate and cultivate compassion while 20 minutes later find you are angry at your partner for calling you to complain about their day? What a jerk for bringing down your good mood right!?!?

So why is it that, in the midst of trying to improve our outlooks and be optimistic, we find ourselves getting sucked right back into talking, thinking, feeling and judging in a negative manner?

Well,  the reasons are endless. Sometimes it is easier to connect with others when you can join in on their bash session. (Why not complain about how terrible the newly released documentary was if it helps…

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“My short, but feverish drive across the parking lot was completely unnecessary, as Jen had pulled over to the side to wait for me. I pulled up behind her and we were off. I did my best to use this time to relax, almost a meditative state before the real game would begin. As I struggled to stay directly behind her, I pictured the drive as a sort of metaphor for our relationship to each other. The pursuit of any woman was not unlike this drive, there were periods where it was easy to stay together because there was no outside interference. Then there were the obstacles, poorly timed traffic lights trying to separate us, aggressive drivers trying to wedge themselves between us. Like with any relationship, we had to find a way to communicate when words were not an option, in order to stay together.”


Slow Code / “Hollywood Code”

Slow Code


Slow code refers to the practice in a hospital or other medical centre to purposely respond slowly or incompletely to a patient in cardiac arrest, particularly in situations where CPR is of no medical benefit.[1] The related term show code refers to the practice of a medical response that is faked for the sake of the patient’s family-Wikipedia



Paperback arrives….

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Based on a true story….a dark, snarky tale of hospital adventure….

 “I knew going into this that I was probably in over my head medically speaking. But those fears turned out to be unfounded. What I hadn’t prepared for was a deeper problem. Did I really want to stare death in the face on a daily basis? There were definitely some faces I didn’t mind staring at around here…. but a balancing act like that couldn’t possibly be sustainable or healthy….even for me! What was worse, was this kind of self-exploration was something I was going to have to partake in on a regular basis? If this floor meant doing the right thing 12 hours a day, or even worse, growing up, then this might not be the adventure I had signed up for.”


My Book Finally Arrives….

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Behold…. I have actually finished something…. This is unfortunately based on my real life adventures in healthcare…

“The Psychiatric Unit of a hospital can be, well…. a little crazy, especially for a young and frivolous male nurse. But a transfer to a medical unit soon exposes who is really crazy, in a laugh-out-loud, eye-opening look at what goes on behind closed doors in America’s hospitals.

You will be amused, enlightened, and probably rather disturbed….”