Thank you for Dying: A Hospital Memoir….

51Uov7UieWL._SL110_Thank you for Dying:: A Hospital Memoir

“For general descriptive purposes, I have lumped all psychiatric patients into two convenient categories, the funny and the disturbing. We’ve all seen the ladder make headlines on CNN, from Ted Bundy to Ted Kaczynski. While I have had more than my share of experiences with the disturbing, I prefer to focus on the funny, and sleep better at night. (or during the day, such is the life of an RN)

   The funny, of course, is also a matter of opinion. Personally, I have always preferred the patients I find arguing with a coffee mug named Steve, the ones that are compelled to do a cartwheel any time a phone rings, or even the one apprehended after attempting to direct traffic at an intersection dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte.

   An all time personal favorite of mine was a man that believed he was God….”

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6 thoughts on “Thank you for Dying: A Hospital Memoir….

  1. A patinet once expressed certainty that I was a werwolf named Diego. Oddly, he didn’t hold it against me…

  2. I agree! I have worked in ER (fair share of psych patients) and per diem on a few psych floors .. I have a few stories I like to recall. One was on SF CA where this older male patient shuffeled into the room w 3 other rather unapproachable psych patients for ‘music’. The CNA played guitar w them often and began to pass out song sheets. I watched …expecting little except some guitar. The music began and to my amazement this one fellow who no one could communicate with began to belt out the most moving rendition of his version of the song ….the language was a bit off but his voice was so beautiful I had tears in my eyes. ….. Thanks for reminding me of that day.
    Good luck w your book!

  3. No worries, I’m on my meds…I won’t hurt you….but that Steve guy is standing behind you…he’s holding a mug lol

  4. I like your blog. I spent years studying psychology when I was much younger and as part of my studies I had to visit institutions. The actions of some could be seen as ‘funny or humorous’ but they meant it seriously. It was heart rending to witness patients submit to electrical shock therapy so they could ‘feel better’ afterwards. Thank you for stopping by my post.

  5. Then there are those of us who pass as normal… Most of the time. 😛

  6. I have a Psych degree and was tricked into a position that was misrepresented during an interview. I basically drove around a van full of 40 schizophrenics. One lady would sit in the front seat next to me and claim that every song that came on the radio was one she had written. Another would warn me that she had the number for President Bush and he was flying over our van in Airforce One. Most of them were harmless and amazed me with their intelligence on their “good” days. It was hard to see the same person I’d been having a normal conversation with the day before, be strapped to a hospital bed and driven away after an unprovoked violent outburst.

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