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In the somewhat distorted world of healthcare, the word “Normal” can take on a complex range of perspectives. For a patient, things like being stuck with needles, peeing into a bag, and even being ‘felt up’ by strangers can evolve into a certain level of normalcy. On the other side of that coin of course is the staff. A small army of educated professionals who have somehow convinced themselves that sticking people with needles, carrying a urine sample, or touching a strangers genitals in a well-lit room are as routine as a morning cup of coffee. As the great Austrian Psychiatrist Afred Adler once said, “The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.”

-Kelsey David Burnham



6 thoughts on ““Normal”

  1. But I am convinced that it’s all routine…does that mean there’s something wrong with me?!

  2. Yep! I now have a port in my chest directly to my jugular vein since my normal veins all collapsed due to a medicine I was having to take. I have a port in my bladder so that I can urinate in a bag, since my body decided not to be able to wait through the night for a trip to the bathroom.
    This is my new normal. I hate it. Can’t do anything about it. The demon of multiple sclerosis struck my body when I was around 11 years old. Doctors all told me the symptoms I was having were because I was nuts. Went away to college to get a real diagnosis by a chiropractor. He told me I either had spinal cancer or multiple sclerosis. To get the answer I had to see a neurologist. Seeing neurologists is my new normal, too! Found a decent on in Colorado. We left Colorado, and then had to find a new good neurologist. Finally, found one here in MN that I get along with. Appointments with him and his staff which I see every 28 days, is my new expensive normal.

  3. Love the Adler quote. That’s why I don’t let anyone get to know me very well. 🙂

  4. It seems nothing is really normal anymore. We as people just adapt to our circumstances.

  5. it is all subjective and “normalcy” is a misnomer.

  6. Great post. My new normal has been trying to describe a weird sensation in my brain that doesn’t show up on any medical test. I’ve been diagnosed with post concussion syndrome which seems to just be a catch-all for things that come after a concussion and last anywhere 1 week to 10 years. My new normal has become very quiet and a little scary.


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