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“My short, but feverish drive across the parking lot was completely unnecessary, as Jen had pulled over to the side to wait for me. I pulled up behind her and we were off. I did my best to use this time to relax, almost a meditative state before the real game would begin. As I struggled to stay directly behind her, I pictured the drive as a sort of metaphor for our relationship to each other. The pursuit of any woman was not unlike this drive, there were periods where it was easy to stay together because there was no outside interference. Then there were the obstacles, poorly timed traffic lights trying to separate us, aggressive drivers trying to wedge themselves between us. Like with any relationship, we had to find a way to communicate when words were not an option, in order to stay together.”


6 thoughts on “Relationships….

  1. very cool analogy.!

  2. Shared twice on twitter Good Luck!

  3. Ha, how true this is! Those darn outside interferences are sometimes never ending.

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