Paperback arrives….

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Based on a true story….a dark, snarky tale of hospital adventure….

 “I knew going into this that I was probably in over my head medically speaking. But those fears turned out to be unfounded. What I hadn’t prepared for was a deeper problem. Did I really want to stare death in the face on a daily basis? There were definitely some faces I didn’t mind staring at around here…. but a balancing act like that couldn’t possibly be sustainable or healthy….even for me! What was worse, was this kind of self-exploration was something I was going to have to partake in on a regular basis? If this floor meant doing the right thing 12 hours a day, or even worse, growing up, then this might not be the adventure I had signed up for.”


3 thoughts on “Paperback arrives….

  1. Just got your book on Kindle. Sounds very interesting. Thank you for the like on my book review.

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