Do Your Decisions and Behaviors Align With Your Goals?

Motivation, Inspiration and Life

Fork in the road

As a non-profit, community mental health counselor I frequently find myself working with individuals who come to me complaining about the chaos in their lives. They complain about the problems within their relationships, the struggles they are having at work, the annoying people they encountered at the restaurant during lunch, and the car accident they got into on their way home last night. After listening to their stories I usually find myself asking “what was your part in that interaction?”. As expected, my clients typically look back at me puzzled- wondering if I was just listening to their story, listening to how they just explained that the other person was at fault. I then begin to describe a scenario which a wise colleague of mine often presents:

Imagine yourself driving home after a long day at work. You know, that feeling of fatigue from using your brain (or body) all…

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