Spirituality: Awakening Humanity

Motivation, Inspiration and Life


The next path for humans to continue to evolve is through expanding consciousness. We are bound to our current reality by the limitations of our five senses. Through developing a higher level of awareness it is possible to experience new realities- greater realities. Science already proves that there are sound and light frequencies that we, as humans, do not have the capabilities of hearing or seeing. With yoga and meditation it is possible to tap into these higher energies that exist in the cosmos and propel the human species into the next wave of evolution- the next wave of humanity. Spirituality and meditation can be the catalyst for cultivating compassion, kindness and equality. When we are able to relate to individuals on the simple fact that we are all humans then it is inevitable that a connection will be formed Through this connection- this understanding that we are all made of skin and bones, we all…

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