When you need special health clearance to start work

Medical Student In Vitro


The first hurdle of medical school is the attainment of occupational health clearance. You are interrogated under the fluorescent lights of a small sterile room, and then they begin prodding you with needles to test and vaccinate you for everything under the sun. After several appointments you will hopefully get the all clearOnce that happens you are officially released from quarantine and can then be allowed to interact with real humans.

So I thought that challenge was over and done with, but now I am facing yet another set of hardcore tests. In order to be cleared to work in a laboratory I have to show proof of all of my immunisations to date, and then have my lungs assessed. Yes, I’m going to need a lung function test.

Am I nervous?

Why should I be nervous?

Maybe the fact that I have mild asthma is…

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