Everything’s Dumber in Texas….

My Mismanaged Mind….

A Mismanaged Mind

Fixin' To Be Texan515MdKyEgiL._SL110_
Everything is bigger in Texas, including the stupidity….

Texas governor Rick Perry went out of his way this week to remind us all that not only is he is a complete jackass, but has the maturity level of sleep deprived toddler.

The proud leader of a state that loves nothing more than to tout its “patriotism” should add the disclaimer: “We love America, but only when a republican is president”.

The actual elected leader of one of our states flat out refused to greet, or even meet the President of the United States on his arrival in Austin to discuss US/Mexico border concerns. He went on to say later, “Im not Chris Christie”, implying that he had no intention of even attempting to partake in any sort of collaborative effort between parties….even in a time of crisis. In other words, he is dangerously ignorant, and shouldn’t…

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