Ode To The Hospital….

Sick Humor: Lighter Side of

“A hospital is a place like no other, and balance, as most people understand it, has no place there. It is the apex of human existence, most of us enter this world via hospital, and will likely leave it in one as well. Birth and death it seems are usually only a short elevator ride away from each other. (Although I have seen both take place actually ON an elevator) Everything from the sounds to the smells are unique to a hospital setting. Some hospitals like to play a cute little lullaby jingle over the intercom system whenever a baby is born. Not a minute later, the sharp contrast of a brash voice with unmistakable urgency can be heard announcing the location of a code blue. People in the various waiting rooms look up from pretending to read their 7yr old doctors office magazine, as if they are going to see a blood covered gurney go racing by like on TV.

The smells of course vary by floor. From the overwhelming aroma of stale urine, that can almost take on a fog-like appearance on a geriatric unit, to the almost appealing smell of baby pee coming from the maternity ward. One as conditioned as myself could easily navigate the entire hospital using only olfactory skills deciphering various shades of urine….”

While this is from my book, which we are ALL anxiously awaiting, check out:
Sick Humor: Lighter Side of


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