The latest drug….

My little rant for the day….

    We have all seen the commercials for the latest pharmaceutical masterpiece. A brand new drug that will solve any problem you may have, even some you didn’t know you had until this very commercial. They start with some vague innocent question to the viewer, “Do you, or does someone you know, feel tired in the morning?” The unsuspecting viewer thinks, “Hey, I feel tired in the morning sometimes.” Then the commercial spirals the viewer into a virtual panic attack by listing all of the horrible diseases ever associated with fatigue. (which is perhaps the most vague symptom in existence) So now, instead of just being a little tired in the morning, like most working adults, you have herpes, or cancer, or even worse, you can’t get a boner! And for a nominal fee, (if you have insurance) they can cure your ailment.

    But for those of us that like to read the fine print, or at least pay attention, there is usually a very quick, subtle little FYI at the end of each commercial. This tends to contain some minor little details like “possible side effects”. Some so outrageous that the jokes tend to write themselves. “May cause rectal bleeding, infertility, or sudden death!” Oops, I’m sorry, but it sounded like you said “sudden death?” That’s right, the medication you have taken to help improve your mood, or enhance your manhood might kill you instead. It has actually happened with enough regularity that they are required to put it in the commercial. This should probably scare people more than it does.


2 thoughts on “The latest drug….

  1. That next drug to keep you regular, heighten your mood, and electrify your sex life just might come sooner that you think. If big pharma gets its way, there will be a drug for every mood, and human emotions will be branded as “symptomatic of a medical condition requiring prescription medication.” As you pointed out, there might be a little sudden death associated, however, as long as that blockbuster drug pulls in $20 billion in the first five years, what’s $4 billion in lawsuits for about 40,000 deaths? Simply the cost of doing business.

    Dr. Joseph Lennox

  2. Here’s a big funny: Having had asthma most of my life, and now COPD, I’ve used (in the past) two of the most commonly prescribed inhalers, Advair and Symbicort. Both have interesting side effects. I had to laugh when the narrator listed, “may increase risk of asthma-related death.” So maybe I’ve got a dark sense of humor…

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