The History of Crazy….

Historically, mental illness has always been something surrounded with hysteria of some kind, blame being pointed at everything from bad blood, to supernatural possession. Anything but a legitimate disease. The very word “disease” arising from the words “dis” and “ease”, originally intended to describe someone who was not at ease. Illness it seems has always been something that can only effect the body. The treatment was often more savage than the disease, in fact the phrase “beat the hell” out of someone, was originally coined from a treatment that consisted of beating a mentally ill patient that was believed to be possessed. The idea was to quite literally beat the evil illness out of them. Despite our ancestors best efforts, these so called treatments were generally quite ineffective.

    Some would argue that many of our more modern treatments are not much of an improvement, and they would be right….

    To be continued….


One thought on “The History of Crazy….

  1. I will be very careful to never beat anyone up for other than helpful medical reasons.

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