The Psych Unit….

Something happens to a person when they reach the locked entrance of a psych unit. A built-in alert system seems to kick in to remind you that there is a reason this door is locked. Are they keeping me out, them in, or both? Rest assured, it’s both, and your tension level gets an inevitable boost once you pass through that door. Of course, you may first have to speak to someone on the other side either via phone or a fast food style speaker on the wall just to gain access. Once inside, it’s as if you just crashed your ex’s wedding in a bad 80s movie. The music comes to a screeching halt and everyone stops what they are doing to look at who just came in….Are you a superhero doctor here to rescue them, or a demon that has come to drag them to hell? Perhaps you appear to be Elvis Presley, or their mother. Either way, there are endless possibilities….Good, bad, scary….usually hilarious….


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