Be careful….

“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint….” 
 — Mark Twain
Conservatives LOVE to try and downplay the problems that plague our health care system and stoke people’s fear of change in order to avoid reform. But what people should (and do) fear is the cracks and crevices in the current system that are causing disability and death.

Americans with two or more chronic conditions, for example, are twice as likely to experience medical, medication, or lab errors as people in countries such as Germany. Additionally, they are 38 percent more likely to receive conflicting information from different health care providers than people in Canada.

We also have longer waiting times for needed care than people in countries with so-called socialized medicine. Only 30 percent of Americans have access to same-day care. In Germany, 55 percent do. In New Zealand, 53 percent do. Americans find it twice as difficult to get care at night and on weekends without going to emergency rooms compared with the Dutch.   (


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